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Hail thee, o spectator, casting keen eyes upon us from your lodge!
Heirs of antique tradition, the gladiators greet thee!

Perhaps the most intriguing, solemn and in the same time merciless events in the ancient Roman heritage are the Gladiatorial Games, having turned into the timeless symbol of fight throughout the long-gone centuries of history. The magnificent fights and combats abounding in excitement and turning of fortunes brought wonder to the ordinary citizens of the mighty Roman Empire. They looked up to the warriors appearing in the amphitheatre as manifestations of strength, courage and valour, the virtues which elevated their Empire to rule within the boundaries of the whole known world.02_k.jpg
    Our organization decided to retrace the ancient Roman Gladiatorial Games, following the model of the antique heritage. In our performances we bring back the cruel as well as noble atmosphere of the arenas to the public. Our audience can see splendid fights, great warriors running at each other`s throats wearing armour, armed with traditional gladiator weapons.
   No blood is shed at the performances, of course, as the adversaries take good care not to hurt each other, and still they remain a sight for the Gods: cruel and strong blows, flashing steels, bodies falling to the ground evoke the spirit of times bygone. At the combats the adversaries use a miscellany of drilled and improvisatory elements to maintain realistic spectacle. Their armour and weapons speak of the exquisite skills of the greatest blacksmiths in the wide province of Pannonia.
   Our society presents the lives of gladiators and the combats in the arena within the framework of three different shows, tailored to suit the customer`s needs to the greatest extent possible.

Public trainings

    Before the training itself we briefly present the history of Gladiatorial Games and the most peculiar types of gladiators with their equipment. After that the audience can get an insight into the everyday life of a gladiator training school (ludus).
    The tedious routine of training for newcomers side by side with veterans is accompanied by the monotonous whizzing sound of the magisters` whips. Incredible mental and physical burden rests on the gladiators during the trainings as they slowly turn from ordinary slaves to ruthless warriors of iron discipline and grim masters of excellent fighting technique.
    The training ends with a forum where spectators can have a closer look at, even try on the armament of the warriors.

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Gladiatorial Games

   This is the faithful reproduction of an antique Gladiatorial Games (munus). Prior to the fights, the Emperor offers a sacrifice to the Gods then all the gladiators partaking the performance enter the arena and greet His Imperial Majesty with the renowned words: "Ave Caesar, morituri Te salutant!" (Hail, Caesar, the dead greet thee!). Then follows the inspection of the armament (probatio armorum), when both the Emperor and the spectators can make sure that all the weapons and armour used are real, and the Games begin.
    First duels of various couples take place, when the audience may decide about the doom of the defeated and corpses are carried away by slaves, prospective gladiators themselves. The duels are followed by a show of bellydancer girls brought from the distant Oriental provinces to soothe the eye weary of the violent sight of blood. After the refreshing spectacle the gladiators return to the amphitheatre to fight in armies, thus reviving the heat and glory of ancient battles.
   According to demand, the Games, similarly to the public trainings, may start with a historical presentation and end with a forum.

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