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Training Camp

Training Camp of Collegium Gladiatorium

    As fellow friends of the Roman culture and warfare, the Collegium Gladiatorium Traditional Fighting Club would like to invite you to our annual Gladiator Training Camp,  which is held in July or August.
    This year the annual training camp is open to other clubs as well. We would like to establish a tradition among our clubs; a tradition of exchanging knowledge and opinions about fighting and Roman war tactics. Our aim is to use the Roman and other ancient weapons not only as decorations but as our ancestors would use them: with skill.

    Training camp program includes the teaching of the following weapons: straight and bent short sword, trident, net, spear and shield. Optionally it is possible to learn how to use composite bow and sling and how to throw spear.
    The quality of training is guaranteed by magister gladiators. The training camp reflects the mentality of Roman gladiator schools, and besides of developing your endurance and fighting skills, you will also find people with similar interests and strong sense of fellowship.
    In 2006 our traning camp will be July 09-16 in Nagytevel, Hungary.The training itself costs nothing just the accomodation. For further information contact us here.

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