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"Blood throbbing in veins thou hear the clash of swords...
Greeting Death, thy good friend, weapon in hand...
Flapping banner above the head to be taken to Victory...
The God of Glory is beside thee. Thou art not made for fodder of Ravens,
Thou art the One, One in a million,
Doomed to be a Warrior."

    The Collegium Gladiatorium> Cultural Society and Traditional Fighting Club and the Ludus Magnus Fighters` College awaits those interested in traditional combat techniques like swordsmanship, tilting and shield use alongside with antique culture and art of warfare.
   We consider gladiatorial tactics to be a martial art making up an integral part of the history of Europe. We have presented spectacular, historically authentic Gladiatorial Games including duels of warriors using various weapons for several years. Experienced gladiators having fought for years instruct the use of weapons under the supervision of veteran masters.

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phone:               Gusztav Garas (Opifex) +36-30-251-8598

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